This House Believes That Species Richness on Continents Is Dominated by Ecological Limits

Earlier this year the American Society of Naturalists had a conference where they had a debate (old school!) on the importance of ecological limits to species diversity on large scales. The debate was, according to Trevor Price, not as heated as the one in 1860 with Soapy Sam and Huxley, but nevertheless. The debate ended without a vote and the contributors (Rabosky and Hurlbert vs Harmon and Harrison) were asked to write up their debate contributions as papers to be published in American Naturalist this May. The Harmon paper is not ready, but we will discuss Rabosky annd Hurlbert's contibution which is now out.

Wordclouds. The wave of the future.

For a quick introduction to the debate itself, see Trevo Price's editorial.

For Rabosky and Hurlbert's contribution press here.

If you have time to kill, you can see the debate on youtube. It's about 90 minutes so have a beer while you watch.

Published Mar. 17, 2015 11:07 AM - Last modified Dec. 3, 2015 2:24 PM