European funding 101 - Quick overview of European funding opportunities

Late lunch talk by Delphine Nicolas.

“Marie Curie”, “European Research Council”, “Horizon 2020”, “Societal Challenges”. Have you ever wondered what it means? Be prepared to be enlightened!

European funding for the 2014 – 2020 period is called “Horizon 2020”. This framework programme is then divided into different parts (also called “pillars”), one of them, Excellent Science, hosts the European Research Council and the Marie S-Curie Actions. Another pillar, called Societal Challenges, hosts collaborative projects with set topics addressing different questions. May it be through a personal grant or a collaborative research project, whether you are a PhD student, a post-doc or a researcher, a marine biologist or a bio-informatician, there is most definitely something for you in the jungle of European funding.

Published Mar. 17, 2015 11:29 AM - Last modified Mar. 8, 2021 3:09 PM