Late Lunch Talk: Population responses to observed climate variability across multiple taxa

Late Lunch Talk by Christie Le Coeur (CEES)

Global climate change is likely to lead to concomitant changes in climate means, variability, and extremes, resulting in more variable and unpredictable environments for animal and plant populations. While ecologists have largely focused on the consequences of changes in climate means for ecological and evolutionary processes, climate variability and extremes have received increasing attention in recent years as important factors that can mediate the effects of shifts in climate means. A major challenge is thus to understand how populations respond to changes in variability of climatic conditions.

I will present some findings from my postdoctoral project at the University of Turku, Finland. During this project, I investigated the effects of observed climate variability on wild populations representing multiple taxa. Specifically, I estimated the extent to which interannual variation in the annual population growth rates (CVλ) and the absolute value of the long-term population growth rate (|log λ|) were associated with climate variability.

Published Feb. 11, 2019 4:22 PM - Last modified Mar. 8, 2021 2:32 PM