Workshop on integrating ecology and evolution

Open for students and researchers at IBV. Send an email to & if you would like to participate.

12:15-13:00: Richard Lenski
CEES Extra seminar: Dynamics of adaptation and genomic evolution in a 60,000-generation experiment. Read more.
You can join in for the seminar, without taking part in the rest of the workshop. 


13:30: Nils Chr. Stenseth

13:45: Lee Hsiang Liow
Competition through 50 million & 0.2 million generations

13:50: Mikkel Meyn Liljegren
Red Queen interactions in resource-pulsed, multi-niche bacterial culture systems

14:10: Pål Trosvik & Eric de Muinck
Ecology of bacteria in the GI tract

Light snack will be served approx. 14:30.

14:45: Meike Wortel
Deriving the selection pressure in batch experiments: A focus on E. coli metabolism

15:15: Boris Schmid & Stephanie Hänsch:
On the origin of plague pandemics: biomolecular and ecological approaches

15:45: Thomas Haverkamp
Bacillus anthracis, Zebra blood & soil. Microbial soil community dynamics after Zebra blood deposition.

16:10: Discussion

16:45 (at the latest): End

Light snack will be served during the workshop.

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