Book launch: "Evolutionary Genetics" by Glenn-Peter Sætre and Mark Ravinet

We welcome you all to the launch of the book "Evolutionary Genetics - Concepts, Analysis, and Practice" written by Glenn-Peter Sætre and Mark Ravinet. The book is published by Oxford University Press.

Refreshments will be served!

Glenn-Peter Sætre and Mark Ravinet will say a few words about the book project, and the illustrator, Kaj Standal Clausen, will also present himself and his work.

It will be possible to buy the book for NOK 399,-.

From Oxford University Press:

"Evolutionary Genetics - Concepts, Analysis, and Practice" by Glenn-Peter Sætre and Mark Ravinet:

  • Describes the key concepts and analyses for handling evolutionary genetic data.
  • Adopts a hands-on, practical approach in tackling key challenges of summarising, interpreting and visualising evolutionary genetic data.
  • Practical R sessions centre on concepts introduced in the textbook using genetic data from real populations as well as simulation exercises with important evolutionary models.
  • Encourages a strong foundation in basic programming skills and places an emphasis on bioinformatics training for evolutionary biologists.



Published June 5, 2019 2:41 PM - Last modified June 11, 2019 3:25 PM