Connecting the Seas of Norden

Øyvind Paasche et al. (Joël M. DurantAnne M. EikesetOlav S. Kjesbu, and Nils Chr. Stenseth) in Nature Climate Change


The Nordic Seas are highly sensitive to environmental change and have been extensively monitored and studied across a broad range of marine disciplines. For these reasons, the Nordic seas may serve as a pilot area for integrated policy development in response to ongoing climate change.

The northern high-latitude seas and their coastal waters are among the most sensitive to climate change on Earth. Salinity, temperature and oxygen gradients will become steeper, wind patterns will shift, and the rapid increase in atmospheric CO2 will continue to acidify the ocean. The critical question — not only for scientists across all disciplines, but also for policymakers and society in general — is how the combination of all these stressors will impact the interdependent ecosystems as well as the social systems within this region.

Published online 28 January 2015

Tags: Nature Climate Change;
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