Chloroplast phylogeny of Triticum/Aegilops species is not incongruent with an ancient homoploid hybrid origin of the ancestor of the bread wheat D-genome

Sandve et al. (Kjetill Jakobsen and Lise Heier) in New Phytologist

From the paper

In a recent Letter to New Phytologist Li et al. (2015) presented a re-evaluation of our recent finding from a phylogenomics study that the bread wheat D-genome lineage is probably of homoploid hybrid origin (Marcussen et al., 2014). The authors claim to present evidence from chloroplast phylogeny and gene tree topologies that necessitate additional hybridization events compared to the phylogeny proposed by us. Unfortunately Li et al.'s (2015) conclusions appear to be confounded by differences in nomenclatures used to describe the major Triticum/Aegilops clades (Fig. 1) and a misunderstanding concerning the temporal dimension of our phylogenetic model (i.e. when hybridization happened) (Fig. 1). [Read more]

Published online 21 May, 2015

Tags: New Phytologist
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