Harvested fish stocks in a changing environment

Theme section edited by Joël M. Durant and Nils Chr. Stenseth in Marine Ecology Progress Series (Open Access)

Harvested fish stocks in a changing environment
Editors: J.M. Durant, N.C. Stenseth
Marine Ecology Progress Series 480:199-287 (PDF)

INTRODUCTION: Impact of climate and fisheries on sub-Arctic stocks
Durant JM, Ottersen G, Stenseth NC
Marine Ecology Progress Series 480:199-203

ABSTRACT OF THE INTRODUCTION: Understanding the drivers (internal and external) that determine the productivity of marine ecosystems is challenging. For example, the correct estimate of recruitment is essential to estimate fish stock abundance. In this Theme Section, 5 papers explore the effect of fishing and climate on population structure across sub-Arctic ecosystems. The studies focus on how temperatureand fishing-induced changes in spatial and demographic population structure affect recruitment and population growth rate. The results suggest common patterns, but also highlight differences in the relative importance of fishing and climate among the populations and ecosystems examined.

Temporal shifts in recruitment dynamics of North Atlantic fish stocks: effects of spawning stock and temperature
Ottersen G, Stige LC, Durant JM, Chan KS, Rouyer TA, Drinkwater KF, Stenseth NC
Marine Ecology Progress Series 480:205-225

Theory, consequences and evidence of eroding population spatial structure in harvested marine fishes: a review
Ciannelli L, Fisher JAD, Skern-Mauritzen M, Hunsicker ME, Hidalgo M, Frank KT, Bailey KM
Marine Ecology Progress Series 480:227-243

Predicting fish recruitment from juvenile abundance and environmental indices
Stige LC, Hunsicker ME, Bailey KM, Yaragina NA, Hunt GL Jr
Marine Ecology Progress Series 480:245-261

Spatial analysis of North Sea cod recruitment: concurrent effects of changes in spawning stock biomass, temperature and herring abundance
Hjermann DØ, Fisher JAD, Rouyer T, Frank KT, Stenseth NC
Marine Ecology Progress Series 480:263-275

Population growth across heterogeneous environments: effects of harvesting and age structure
Durant JM, Hidalgo M, Rouyer T, Hjermann DØ, Ciannelli L, Eikeset AM, Yaragina N, Stenseth NC
Marine Ecology Progress Series 480:277-287

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