New book chapter: Fitting Ancestral Age-Dependent Speciation Models to Fossil Data

Lee Hsiang Liow* and Torbjørn H. Ergon* in Species and Speciation in the Fossil Record edited by Allmon and Yacobucci

About the book: Although the species is one of the fundamental units of biological classification, there is remarkably little consensus among biologists about what defines a species, even within distinct sub-disciplines. The literature of paleobiology, in particular, is littered with qualifiers and cautions about applying the term to the fossil record or equating such species with those recognized among living organisms. In Species and Speciation in the Fossil Record, experts in the field examine how they conceive of species of fossil animals and consider the implications these different approaches have for thinking about species in the context of macroevolution.

ISBN: 9780226377445
Chapter 6, pp. 198-216.
University of Chicago Press, IL 60637 USA
Published October 2016

*Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES) and California State University Fullerton. See the publication for full author information.

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