Evolutionary Theory and Evolutionary Monographs - a tribute to Leigh Van Valen

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Portrait of Leigh Van Valen (1935-2010).
Leigh Van Valen (1935-2010). By Source, Fair use, Wikipedia.


Leigh Van Valen (1935-2010) was a highly accomplished evolutionary biologist whose interests spanned ecology, evolution, mathematics and philosophy. Leigh has trail-blazed new directions in evolutionary biology and paleontology repeatedly. Being fiercely supportive of the spirit of science and worthy ideas, he also established and edited two independent, historically-important, scientist-run journals: Evolutionary Theory (1973-2003) endorsed content over display, low cost and fast publication. The first article published in this journal was one of his most influential paper "A new evolutionary law". Here, both the Law of Constant Extinction and the Red Queen’s hypothesis were proposed. The second, Evolutionary Monographs (1979-1994) was an "international monograph series for all the evolutionary half of biology".

Van Valen's many groundbreaking papers have been instrumental to Colloquium 4 at CEES. 
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Nils Chr. Stenseth, Kristian S. Seierstad  & Lee Hsiang Liow
May 2018