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  • trond-helge-torsvik-350px GEO-professors from UiO on list of global highly cited researchers Nov. 21, 2019 3:30 PM

    Professor of geophysics Trond H. Torsvik from CEED and the Department of Geosciences, and Professor II of meteorology Michael Schultz, the GEO-department and The Norwegian Meteorological Institute appear on the Web of Science Group's list over global highly cited researchers. The list is based on citation on the 1 % top articles by field for 2008-18.

  • ingrid-anell-507px Successfull “Outside the BoCCS” seminar – The role of law in CCS deployment Nov. 19, 2019 4:07 PM

    Several of Norway’s legal experts on CCS deployment took to the podium at the Science Libray on Thursday 14.11.19 at the “Outside the BoCCS” seminar. The seminar was streamed, find the link here.

  • ep2scienceestsouvik The "Science of EST" ep.2: Convection, advection, and solar granulation Nov. 19, 2019 10:24 AM

    With the advent of the 4-m European Solar Telescope, the surface of the Sun will be observed with unprecedented detail. Such measurements will help us understand the twisting motions responsible for the generation of vortex flows and waves that propagate higher up in the solar atmosphere.

  • nettkurs-bilde-507px The landscape after a severe meteorite strike Nov. 12, 2019 3:52 PM

    – Join us as a crater detective!

    A new online knowledge resource “Large, round structures in Norwegian nature” is developed by researchers at the Dept. of Geosciences.

The NORA Consortium

The University of Oslo is a partner in the NORA Consortium - The Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium - that aims to strengthen Norwegian research and education within artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.