Mandate for the national work group – Computing in Science Education (CSE)

Mandate for the national work group appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Oslo has been assigned by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research to appoint and lead a work group. The work group is to design a model for how the project CSE (Computing in Science Education) may be adopted by other teaching environments within STEM-subjects (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

The Ministry refers to the strategy Scientific subjects for the future (Realfag for framtida in Norwegian) and emphasizes that the project is to back the aim of the strategy to heighten the quality of Norwegian STEM-education.

Main goal

To spread knowledge about the CSE-project, i.e. encompassing and integrating a computational perspective in scientific and technological undergraduate studies.


The work group will prepare written guidelines and contribute to spreading information through activities aimed at supporting the following goals.

The guidelines should at a minimum provide the following:

  • Academic grounds for emphasizing computations in the teaching for undergraduate students, this must include a text that can be used as a decisive factor in the assessment of which studies that would benefit from having specific learning objectives in regard to mastering computational mathematics.  
  • A description of the conditions, cost and profits/consequences by implementing a science education based on computations at an institution.
  • A model for how a computational approach to science courses can be integrated and implemented in other science and technology studies.
  • Establish a web page where teaching resources that can function as ”good practice” will be published.

Composition of the work group

The work group’s composition must meet the following criteria:

  • Different STEM-environments
  • Size of the academic environments
  • Student representation
  • Representation from the industry
  • Geography
  • Gender

The work group should consist of approx. 7-9 members.


  • 01.02 2011: The work group is to hand in their report to the Ministry of Education and Research.
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