Teaching resources

An important part of the CSE-project has been development of new teaching materials and related software, since most text books do not have an integrated computational perspective yet.

Textbooks and software

A definite computational perspective is introduced in the first semester, via the programming course INF1100, and the course MAT-INF1100 which combines some classical mathematics with numerics and some basic principles of how various kinds of information is represented in a computer. This is continued in later math courses, and then utilised in various science courses. Read more about Textbooks and software

Study programmes

All the bachelor programmes in the mathematical sciences at the University of Oslo have an integrated computational perspective. These include the major programmes in mathematics and physics. Read more about Study programmes

Articles on teaching and computing

Read the articles on teaching and computing

Courses for Teachers

A crucial aspect of the CSE project is the involvement of other University teachers as well. The responsibility for a given course normally follows a rotation system of three to five years. It is therefore important to help update the scientific staff's competence on computational aspects and give support (scientific, pedagogical and financial) to those who wish to revise their courses in a computational direction.

All teachers at the University of Oslo have to attend a compulsory pedagogical course within the first two years of employment. In collaboration with the School of Education of the University of Oslo, we have developed a one day course for new employees on how to introduce computational aspects in various science and mathematics courses. This is the first step towards an upgrade of the scientific staff's competence on computational topics.

It will however take significant time before a computational perspective pervades most undergraduate and graduate curricula in the sciences and mathematics. To aid in this direction we have developed several short one-week courses on programming languages like Python, Matlab and C++. The material for these courses can easily be used as material for self-study.

We are also planning basic one-week courses which exemplify the introduction of numerical methods in various fields, with exercises and programming examples. A textbook with cases from several fields is also under preparation.

Published Feb. 21, 2012 2:32 PM - Last modified Apr. 24, 2012 10:38 AM