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Final examinations at the MN Faculty 2021

The same rule applies in the case of examination as in society at large: if you feel ill / have symptoms of Covid-19, you should stay at home. Use self-notification if you are ill on the day of examination.

Updated 27 May 2021

User support during exams

Final examinations spring 2021

Examination procedures

  • You can find the form of examination and the starting time at "Examination: time and place" on the semester page of your course.
  • For exams where you are to submit digital hand drawings, you receive 30 minutes extra time. This additional time will be included in the examination duration stated on the semester page. Note: These extra 30 minutes should be spent making sure your files have uploaded properly. The added time is not an extension of the exam time.  
  • If you are to submit your answer paper as a PDF file, you must read UiO's guide to submitting files in Inspera.
  • Note that all home exams will be subject to a plagiarism check, and that you can be randomly selected for a control interview after the exam. See rules regarding cheating.
  • Read UiO's guidelines for correct use of sources.
  • You will find the exam withdrawal deadline under "Examination: time and place". Withdrawal after the deadline will count as an examination attempt. If you are unable to withdraw within the deadline for reasons related to the corona virus, you may submit a self-notification. See further information about self-notification.

Illness during an exam

  • Self-notification: If you have problems submitting your exam due to illness or other valid reasons, you may submit a self-notification without attaching documentation. You are not to open your exam in Inspera if you have already submitted a self-notification. If you become ill during the home exam, you must withdraw from Inspera and then submit a self-notification. See guidelines and fill out the application form. This arrangement has been extended to apply until 1 September 2021.
  • Extended submission deadline: If you become ill during a home examination or project assignment extending across several days, you may apply for extended submission deadline. The self-notification form is used for this purpose. It is not possible to apply for extended submission deadline if you become ill during a home examination of 24 hours or less.
  • Postponed examination: The MN Faculty offers postponed examination in all courses, with the exception of AST1010, ENT1000 and IN1150. You must be registered with a valid leave of absence in order to be eligible for postponed examination. Read more about postponed examination.

Examination results

Submitting your master’s thesis

Resit examination

  • Some courses offer a resit examination in the following semester for students who fail or who withdraw during an ordinary examination. This is an offer in addition to the postponed examination.
  • See the course description for information about whether or not your course offers a resit examination.
  • Read more about resit examination.

Test exam

  • The MN-faculty recommends that the course coordinator creates a test exam when the format of the exam is changed. A test exam will make students better prepared for the new exam format before the actual exam. 

The regulations described on this web page were the same as those that applied autumn 2020.

Did you sit an exam in the spring of 2020? Read about how pass/fail grades spring 2020 affect resit examination and admission to a master program.

Final examinations autumn 2021

As a general rule, exams at the MN Faculty will during the autumn of 2021 be conducted without physical attendance. For reasons relating to the course content, some courses will have on-campus written examination if the current infection rate makes this possible.

Guides to digital examinations

Questions about examination?

See information for students at the MN Faculty

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