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Access to buildings at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Updated May 18 at 09:22.

The University of Oslo will be gradually reopened for students and staff. MN is a faculty with wide variation in the nature of our buildings and activities. We therefore put great emphasis on local adaptation, ownership and planning at the individual departments.

At present, we have set a framework for the reopening of approx. 50 percent of regular simultaneous presence. It will be up to the individual department and unit, including the faculty administration, to plan and manage access within the framework. We will still encourage everyone to the extent possible to bike or walk to avoid public transport during the rush hours.

Work can still be done from home, in agreement with your section manager, even if access to UiO has been granted.

Employees who are in high-risk groups, live with someone in risk groups or are not comfortable traveling or staying in the workplace because of the corona situation, can still work from home by agreement with the nearest manager.

Infection control

In order to avoid a new wave of infection, it is important to remember that everyone present in UiO's buildings must follow the current infection protection advice. It is mandatory for all employees and students to take UiO’s online infection control course before returning to the workplace. The course only takes 15 minutes.

UiO has published a comprehensive infection prevention guideline (English version to be published shortly). A useful checklist for risk factors to be considered is part of this document.

Reading rooms open to students with seat reservations

Students can return to reading rooms at Blindern, but only after completing an infection prevention course and reserving a seat in one of the reading rooms.

Guidelines for restricted access to our buildings

It is up to the individual department and unit, including the faculty administration, to plan and manage access within the framework. Proper infection control is connected to the number of people present at the same time. A simple registration form (who, where, when) tailored to the individual needs of each department is maintained.

Local guidelines

Who gets access?

Those wanting access to their workplace are asked to plan this with their nearest manager or supervisor.

  • Temporary researchers, including PhDs, PDocs and researchers with temporary contracts or funding, will continue to be prioritized.
  • Permanent employees in all categories can gain access within capacity. Contact your nearest manager. 
  • Master students and Erasmus students can be granted access within the capacity of the individual research group.
  • Access for BSc students is limited to UiO's open reading rooms (Vilhelm Bjerknes, Georg Sverdrup, Sofus Bugge, Eilert Sundt).
  • Bachelor students with special needs for access to physical infrastructure or compulsory education may, exceptionally and by agreement, be granted access to the institute's buildings.
  • Emeriti, visitors and guests in need of admission must apply to the department management in advance.