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Working from home and access to buildings at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Updated November 8 at 22:04.

The current spread of COVID-19 in Oslo is extensive, and the City Council has introduced a social closure of Oslo. The University will stay open, but physical activities are limited. Libraries and reading rooms at UiO will stay open, while events are canceled. The new restrictions will take effect on Monday, November 9 at 24.00 and will initially last for three weeks.

The University of Oslo will still stay open. Our social mission must be accomplished, our core business must be run and our work tasks must be carried out. At the same time the need for infection prevention must be met.

Below you will find information concerning the most important changes in UiO's guidelines. See also updated information at

Working from home and campus presence

  • UiO complies with the request from the Oslo Municipality for the use of home office where possible.
  • Any exceptions from working from home must be agreed with respective line managers.
  • Special consideration for working at campus should be exercised for PhD students and Postdocs as well as students or employees having particularly difficult working conditions at home.
  • The University will stay open, but physical activities are limited.

  • In the time ahead, a changing COVID-19 situation will require new adaptations and adjustments. We will emphasize the need for maintaining a continuous and good dialogue with your immediate manager and in the various teams in our large organization.

Together, we will continue to deliver Norway's best education and ground breaking research at an internationally competitive level.

Digital teaching and exams

  • UiO has already facilitated for digital teaching and digital home exams where possible.
  • Remaining teaching in the autumn semester will be carried out in accordance with already implemented plans.

Reading rooms and libraries

Reading rooms and libraries will be kept open


Meetings should be held in digital format.


UiO will cancel any physical events that have been planned for the period of the ban. This measure does not apply to teaching.

Pubs and cellars

The Oslo Municipality is calling a halt to all serving of alcohol, but pubs and restaurants may remain open. Pubs and cellars at UiO will stay open in order to provide services to students.

Association activities

The Oslo Municipality is closing down cultural activities. This entails that activities related to various associations, choirs and orchestras at UiO will have to be cancelled for the period of the ban.

Face mask

  • The City of Oslo has made the indoors use of face masks mandatory in public venues where a social distance of one meter cannot be maintained.
  • Everyone must have a face mask available in public transport.
  • Each relevant faculty will issue specific face mask instructions for education programs in medicine, dentistry and other disciplines with close patient and user contact.
  • All other disciplines should consider using face masks in laboratories or locations where it will be difficult to keep a social distance of one meter.
  • Face masks will not be mandatory on campus except for situations where a social distance of at least one meter cannot be maintained.

Infection control

Everyone present in UiO's buildings must follow the current infection protection advice. It is mandatory for all employees and students to take UiO’s online infection control course before returning to the workplace. The course only takes 15 minutes.

UiO has published central guidelines related to the corona situation.

Mandatory infection prevention course

Before coming to UiO, you must take an e-learning course in infection prevention (15 min.).