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Information about the corona situation for MN students

This page will be updated with information concerning MN students. Stay informed about the corona situation at the University of Oslo.

Updated 14 January 2021

Access to campus

Exams in autumn 2021

  • As a general rule, exams in autumn 2021 will be conducted without physical attendance.
  • You will find information about examination on the semester page for your course.
  • Are you ill during an exam?
    For exams without physical attendance, you are not required to submit documentation of illness (applies from 3 December).
  • Read detailed information about final exams at the MN Faculty in 2021.

Teaching in spring 2022

  • We are planning teaching for spring semester in light of the Government's recommendations on 13 January.

Need someone to talk to? 

Foto av Ilan Dehli Villanger og Linda Therese Sørensen Westgaard

If you need someone to talk to about your studies or life situation, we welcome you to contact Linda or Ilan at “ForVei” for counselling.

News about the coronavirus situation