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Procedure for Field Work


Applies to all units at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences that do field work in order to ensure that it is performed with risks under control and in accordance with laws and regulations.


Range of application

Fieldwork is collecting and/or cultivating data outside of regular work place that is conducted either domestically or abroad. Excursion is considered to be fieldwork. This procedure applies for employees and students that will do fieldwork. Field courses and excursions will have the same challenges.


Managers have the possibility to point out the person responsible for the fieldwork. For approved projects the project manager is automatically the person in charge. Student teaching manager is correspondently responsible for teaching based activities in the field. The manager is responsible for that the field work is conducted in accordance with the procedure. The field work responsible can delegate the tasks related to the field work.


Field work manager shall call on advice from qualified personnel and ensure that the participants do necessary preparations.

A mandatory risk assessment or safe job analysis is to be carried out for all field work in accordance with the UiOs Risk assessment procedure. To identify possible risks consult the "List of items in safe job analysis of field work". For field work done routinely previously risk assessments can be used. The local safety deputy shall be informed of major field work.

Field work responsible shall fill in the form Field card for field work responsible and see to that necessary documentation is enclosed, see Web form.

Field work participant shall fill out the form Field card for field work participant and confirm that they have received information about the risks in connection with the field work, se Web form.


Fieldwork responsible shall have:
  • Followed necessary training
  • Acquired permits, certificates etc. in accordance with the requirements set for the risk assessed and consulted the checklist below.


Risk assessment and/or Safe job Analysis and field cards are to be archived in ePhorte according to the faculties routines for HSE documents.



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