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The Birkeland Anniversary 2017

On the 13-16th of June 2017 we are inviting you to several events in relation to the Kristian Birkeland Anniversary.  

  • In 2017, the legacy of the physicist Kristian Birkeland still stands solid – 150 years after his birth and 100 years after his death.
  • Birkeland made several breakthrough world-innovations before his tragic death, and left behind a considerable amount of scientific publications and patents.
  • Students, the business community and academia will all have the opportunity to get a closer insight into this very productive and comprehensive scientist.
  • UiO:Natural Sciences and technology, Yara, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and the Norwegian Space Centre are joining together for a great celebration of one of Norway’s greatest scientists and innovator through the years.

13th of June

Pupils from secondary schools are invited to a day seminar about Birkeland.

14th of June

Welcome to the Conference “Facing the Future Together”.

15th and 16th of June

Birkeland Space Weather Symposium.


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The Birkeland Anniversary 2017 workgroup

  • Contact Eva Michelsen Ekroll
  • Morten Dæhlen, UiO:Natural sciences and technology (head)
  • Svein Flatebø, Yara
  • Camilla Nyhuus Christensen, Yara
  • Jøran Idar Moen, Department of Physics, University of Oslo
  • Øyvind Sørensen, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
  • Pål Brekke, Norwegian Space Centre
  • Tore Amundsen, the Birkeland Committee
  • Jan Anstein Holtet, the Birkeland Committee
  • Kirsti Strøm Bull, UiO
  • Julie Øybø, UiO:Natural sciences and Technology
  • Eva Michelsen Ekroll, UiO:Natural sciences and Technology
  • Arne B. Langleite, The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology 
  • Thale Sorlie, The Norweigan Museum of Science and Technology
  • Gro Synnove Ellefsen, The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology