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Picture of Andrew Michael Teale Teale, Andrew Michael Associate Professor Theoretical chemistry, Chemistry
Picture of Erik Tellgren Tellgren, Erik Researcher Theoretical chemistry, Chemistry
Picture of Mats Tilset Tilset, Mats Professor +47-22855502 Chemistry, SMN, Catalysis, Energy
Picture of Einar Uggerud Uggerud, Einar Professor +47-22855537 Chemistry, Physical chemistry
Picture of Stefan Vanicek Vanicek, Stefan catalysis, chemistry
Picture of Anders Vik Vik, Anders Associate Professor +47-22857451 Life Science, Medicinal chemistry, Organic chemistry, Chemistry, Lipids, Polyunsaturated fatty acids, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Natural product synthesis
Picture of Rolf David Vogt Vogt, Rolf David Professor +47-22855696 +47-90615415 Physical chemistry, Climate change, Eutrophication, Aluminium, Biogeochemistry, Chemistry, Natural organic matter, Heavy metals, Acid Rain, Water pollution, China, Soil chemistry, Environmental Analysis, Environmental Chemistry
Picture of Grethe Wibetoe Wibetoe, Grethe Professor +47-22855516 Analytical chemistry, Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, Chromatography, Spectrometry, Quality assurance, Separation of metals, Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry, Hydrometallurgy, Chemistry, Environmental analyses
Picture of Steven Ray Haakon Wilson Wilson, Steven Ray Haakon Associate Professor +47-22844325 97010953 97010953 Chemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry
Picture of Armin Wisthaler Wisthaler, Armin Professor +47-22859139 Mass spectrometry, Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Physical chemistry, PTR-MS
Picture of Kaiqi Xu Xu, Kaiqi Doctoral Research Fellow 48671413 SMN, kjemi, Nanomaterials, Chemistry, FERMiO, FASE
Picture of Ove Alexander Høgmoen Åstrand Åstrand, Ove Alexander Høgmoen Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854478 Pharmaceutical chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Life Science, Toxicology