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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Vegard Skiftestad Olsen Olsen, Vegard Skiftestad Researcher +47 22840956 99159872 SMN, LENS, MiNaLab
Ousdal, Erlend Lemva Doctoral Research Fellow LENS, SMN
Picture of Manimuthu Periyasamy Periyasamy, Manimuthu Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857014 +47-40980076 Materials synthesis, Layered perovskites, Magnetic and transport studies, PPMS, SMN, Nafuma, kjemi
Picture of Clas Persson Persson, Clas Professor +47 22852424 materials science, Theoretical physics, Renewable energy, atomistic modeling, DFT, Green's functions, Programming, SMN
Petlund, Henrik Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, Electrochemistry, Materials science, CO2 electroreduction, Catalysis
Pintilie, Ioana SMN
Picture of Anuj Pokle Pokle, Anuj Research Scientist NORTEM, SMN, 4DSTEM, Aberration correction, EELS, Precession, In-situ, Multislice-method Simulations, Solid-state Physics
Picture of Jonathan Polfus Polfus, Jonathan Associate Professor 40061363 Materials Science and Technology, Solid State Electrochemistry, Solid State Ionics, Defect Chemistry, Electroceramics, 2D Materials, density functional theory, SMN
Picture of Vajeeston Ponniah Ponniah, Vajeeston Associate Professor +47 22855613 SMN, Inorganic materials chemistry
Picture of Anthoula Poulia Poulia, Anthoula Researcher SMN, Physics, SMN Structure Physics
Picture of Sebastian Prodinger Prodinger, Sebastian Researcher SMN, Chemistry, Catalysis
Picture of Øystein Prytz Prytz, Øystein Professor +47 22840684 SMN
Picture of Ponniah Ravindran Ravindran, Ponniah Researcher 22 85 56 06 SMN, Inorganic materials chemistry
Razinkovas, Lukas Researcher SMN, LENS
Picture of Evgeniy  Redekop Redekop, Evgeniy Researcher +47 22855451 Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry, Energy
Rivas Gongora, David Postdoctor LENS, SMN
Picture of Stine Roen Roen, Stine Doctoral Research Fellow +4746694092 Electrochemistry, SMN
Rogowska, Melania Researcher +47 46363880 SMN, Nafuma, Thin films
Picture of Andreas Rosnes Rosnes, Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow +47 414 29 716 SMN, SOLARIS, SMN elektrokjemi, SMN strukturfysikk, Electrochemistry, Structure Physics, LENS
Picture of Dag Kristian Sannes Sannes, Dag Kristian Doctoral Research Fellow +47-91717083 Chemistry, Catalysis, SMN
Seremak, Agnieszka Doctoral Research Fellow CompSci, Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry
Picture of Vladyslav Shostak Shostak, Vladyslav Doctoral Research Fellow Catalysis, Chemistry, SMN, TAP
Singh, Kalpana Researcher SMN, SMN elektrokjemi, Elektrokjemi
Picture of Bjørn Gading Solemsli Solemsli, Bjørn Gading Doctoral Research Fellow +47 48309596 Heterogeneous catalysis, Testing, Characterization, SMN, Katalyse, iCSI
Soltani, Nayereh Researcher SMN, LENS