Persons tagged with «SMN»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Alkauskas, Audrius Adjunct Professor SMN, LENS
Picture of Mohamed Amedjkouh Amedjkouh, Mohamed Associate Professor +47 22857009 Catalysis, Organic chemistry, Energy, SMN, Chemistry
Picture of Monika Amundsen Amundsen, Monika PhD student - Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN) SMN
Andreassen, Magnus Doctoral Research Fellow LENS, SMN, SOLARIS
Picture of Nicole Assmann Assmann, Nicole Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, LENS
Picture of Erlend Aunan Aunan, Erlend Doctoral Research Fellow +47-90217255 Chemistry, Catalysis, SMN
Picture of Kalliopi Bazioti Bazioti, Kalliopi Researcher SMN, Structure Physics, LENS
Picture of Kristin Bergum Bergum, Kristin Researcher LENS, SMN
Picture of Julie Bonkerud Bonkerud, Julie Researcher SMN
Picture of Jon Borgersen Borgersen, Jon SMN
Picture of Ning Cao Cao, Ning Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Capel Berdiell, Izar Postdoctoral Fellow +47 41232579 SMN, Katalyse, Catalysis, Characterization, diffraction, Chemistry
Picture of Athanasios Chatzitakis Chatzitakis, Athanasios Researcher 45150893 SMN, Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Photoelectrochemistry, Plasmonics, Supercapacitors, Bio-inorganic interfaces, interfaces, Defect Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Hydrogen, Fuel cells, water electrolysis, Materials Science and Technology, surface proton conduction, Renewable energy, Renewable Energy Systems
Choubey, Anjali Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, SMN NAFUMA, LENS, Solar Physics, Solar cells, SOLARIS
Picture of Simon Phillip Cooil Cooil, Simon Phillip Postdoctoral Fellow Materials Science, Electronic Structures, Photoemission (XPS-UPS-ARPES-IPES), Photoemission Microscopy (PEEM), Band Gap Engineering, LENS, SMN
Picture of Tomas Cordero Lanzac Cordero Lanzac, Tomas Researcher Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry
Picture of Tamal Das Das, Tamal Researcher +4797365872 SMN
Picture of Amir Masoud Dayaghi Dayaghi, Amir Masoud Researcher +47-48678230 SMN
Picture of Cana Elgvin Elgvin, Cana Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Ellingsen, Josef Gert Åsheim SMN
Emhjellen, Linn Katinka Susanne Shi SMN
Picture of Terje Gunnar Finstad Finstad, Terje Gunnar +47 22852855 SMN
Picture of Daniel Firth Firth, Daniel Postdoctoral Researcher Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry
Picture of Torstein Fjermestad Fjermestad, Torstein Researcher SMN, Catalysis, multiscale modelling, DFT, Molecular dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics
Picture of Christian Fleischer Fleischer, Christian 45275583 SMN, Chemistry, 2D Materials, Photoelectrochemistry, Supercapacitors