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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Else Marie Lingaas Lingaas, Else Marie Senior advisor 22856332 e.m.lingaas@mn.uio.no Continuing Education, Gender, Management Development, Organizational development
Picture of Vanitha Marimuthu Marimuthu, Vanitha Senior Executive Officer +47 22858215 vanitha.marimuthu@mn.uio.no Department of Mathematics, Economy, Finance
Martinez, Jean-Raphael Senior Adviser +47 22856275 j.r.martinez@mn.uio.no
Picture of Elina Melteig Melteig, Elina Journalist and science communication - on leave 905 61 361 90561361 elina.melteig@kjemi.uio.no Media, Press contact, Web editor, Social media, SMN, Communication
Picture of Helge Midtun Midtun, Helge Senior Adviser +47 22856394 helge.midtun@mn.uio.no
Picture of Bjørg Mikalsen Mikalsen, Bjørg Adviser +47 22854360 bjorg.mikalsen@mn.uio.no Research support, Cristin, External funding
Picture of Anne Odrun Husby Mork Mork, Anne Odrun Husby Senior Adviser +47 22856717 a.o.h.mork@mn.uio.no
Myrvang, Ken Rune Adviser +47 22856338 k.r.myrvang@mn.uio.no
Møller, Lisbeth Henne Adviser +47 22856705 l.h.moller@mn.uio.no
Picture of Øyvind Mørkedal Mørkedal, Øyvind Adviser +47 22855513 oyvind.morkedal@mn.uio.no
Picture of Knut Martin Mørken Mørken, Knut Martin Vice Dean (Studies and Education), Professor 916 93 859 knutm@math.uio.no splines, B-splines, wavelets, numerical analysis, geometric modelling
Nitschke, Marcus Steen m.s.nitschke@mn.uio.no
Picture of Ingse Noremsaune Noremsaune, Ingse Section Manager +47 22855329 +47 99617271 ingse.noremsaune@mn.uio.no Research support, External funding, EU, ERC, CoE
Picture of Jarle Nygard Nygard, Jarle Senior Adviser +47 99169357 jarle.nygard@mn.uio.no
Nylænder, Helen Michele Section Manager +47 47368261 h.m.nylander@mn.uio.no
Picture of Hilde Omberg Omberg, Hilde Adviser +47 22858640 hilde.omberg@mn.uio.no Web, social media
Picture of Inger Anne Pedersen Pedersen, Inger Anne Senior Adviser +47 22856421 +47 92221596 i.a.pedersen@mn.uio.no Finance, Department of Physics
Picture of Ørjan Pretorius Pretorius, Ørjan Adviser +47 22856349 orjan.pretorius@mn.uio.no Personnel administration, Appointments, Leaves of absence
Picture of David Pughe Pughe, David Principal Engineer david.pughe@mn.uio.no Project management, IT support for education, IT support, AV services, AV, User support, User-driven innovation, User experience, Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction design
Picture of Ivar Refsland Refsland, Ivar Adviser +47 22857386 +47 91158229 911 58 229 ivar.refsland@mn.uio.no Finance, Oracle, Invoices, Department of Chemistry, Financial management, Budget
Picture of Anita Reime Reime, Anita Adviser +47 22854490 +47 99313721 anita.reime@mn.uio.no IFI, Njord Centre, SFF PoreLab, SFU CCSE Center for Computing in Science Education, Finance, Budget and applications, Economical reports, Project economy
Picture of Therese Ringvold Ringvold, Therese HR Adviser 22851606 therese.ringvold@mn.uio.no Personnel administration, Appointments, Leaves of absence
Picture of Frode Roghell Roghell, Frode Adviser +47 22855426 frode.roghell@mn.uio.no CEED, Hylleraas, Rosseland, Projects, Finance, Reporting
Picture of Petter Ruden Ruden, Petter Adviser +47 22857093 petter.ruden@mn.uio.no procurement, purchasing
Picture of Ole Rustad Rustad, Ole Adviser +47 22851387 +47 41385202 ole.rustad@mn.uio.no Personnel administration, Appointments, Leaves of absence