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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ingrid Sand Sand, Ingrid Adviser +47 22854121 ingrid.sand@mn.uio.no
Picture of Frank Aasmund Sarnes Sarnes, Frank Aasmund Senior Adviser +47 22855288 +47 93401396 f.a.sarnes@mn.uio.no
Picture of Ingunn Semsøy Semsøy, Ingunn Adviser ingunn.semsoy@mn.uio.no
Sezgin, Tamer Senior Executive Officer +47 22857266 tamer.sezgin@mn.uio.no
Picture of Inger-Lise Simonsen Simonsen, Inger-Lise Senior Executive Officer +47 22856276 +47 92064632 i.l.simonsen@mn.uio.no
Sisi, Shahnaz Financial Officer +47 22857638 shahnaz.sisi@mn.uio.no Department of Biosciences, Finance
Picture of Lotta Karin Snickare Snickare, Lotta Karin Researcher +47 948 53 365 l.k.snickare@stk.uio.no Organisation, Leadership, Men, Masculinities, Democracy, Gender, Gender Equality, Decisionmaking
Solli, Eivind Oldertrøen Adviser e.o.solli@mn.uio.no
Picture of Nils Chr. Stenseth Stenseth, Nils Chr. Professor +47-22854584 n.c.stenseth@mn.uio.no Life sciences, China, India, Japan, Russia, USA, Canada, Nordic, Global South
Picture of Lill-Ann Cathrine Strøm Strøm, Lill-Ann Cathrine Senior Executive Officer +47 48109200 l.a.c.strom@mn.uio.no
Picture of John Sundby Sundby, John Senior Executive Officer +47 22856709 john.sundby@mn.uio.no Student and Academic Administration, Diploma, Examination
Picture of Hanne Sølna Sølna, Hanne Section Manager +47 22856274 +47 95207828 hanne.solna@mn.uio.no
Sørensen, Svein-Erik Principal Engineer +47 22858642 s.e.sorensen@mn.uio.no
Picture of Andreas Tandberg Tandberg, Andreas Senior Adviser andreas.tandberg@mn.uio.no
Picture of Elin Thoresen Thoresen, Elin Adviser +47 22857196 elin.thoresen@mn.uio.no Personnel administration, Appointments, Leaves of absence
Picture of Olja Toljagic Toljagic, Olja Avdelingsleder +47 22855649 olja.toljagic@econ.uio.no Research support, EU, Section for Research
Tomasevic, Sandra Administrative Manager +47 22855730 sandra.tomasevic@mn.uio.no
Picture of Eivind Torgersen Torgersen, Eivind Science writer 22858644 eivind.torgersen@mn.uio.no
Picture of Norunn K.  Torheim Torheim, Norunn K. Communications adviser + 47 971 58 537 n.k.torheim@mn.uio.no
Picture of Inna Tukh Tukh, Inna Higher Executive Officer +47-22852790 inna.tukh@mn.uio.no Fee, Department of Informatics, Economics, Voucher, Invoices
Picture of Geir Petter Ulvestad Ulvestad, Geir Petter Administrative Manager +47 22852413 +47 92628038 g.p.ulvestad@mn.uio.no Finance, Department of Informatics
Picture of Natalia Utkina Utkina, Natalia Adviser +47 22856341 natalia.utkina@mn.uio.no
Picture of Tone Grethe Valdal Valdal, Tone Grethe Senior Executive Officer t.g.valdal@mn.uio.no
Picture of Ilan Villanger Villanger, Ilan Senior Adviser +47 22855545 +47 97579295 ilan.villanger@mn.uio.no
Vujic-Pavicevic, Ivana Adviser +47 22858657 ivana.vujic-pavicevic@mn.uio.no