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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Espen Trondsen Trondsen, Espen Senior Engineer +47 22857371 +47 93249035
Picture of Marit Tronstad Tronstad, Marit Administrative Manager +47 22842215 SMN
Picture of Carina Tønnesen Tønnesen, Carina Senior Adviser +47 22840921
Tørudbakken, Vebjørn Harnes Senior Executive Officer +47 22854419
Picture of Line Altern Halvorsen Valbø Valbø, Line Altern Halvorsen Head of Office +47 22855472 Payment, Finance, Human resources administrastion, Health safety and environment, Organizational development, Appointments, Strategy, Annual plan, Working environment, Budget
Picture of Hans Peter Verne Verne, Hans Peter Senioringeniør +47 22840116
Picture of Thi Thuy Minh Vu Vu, Thi Thuy Minh Head Engineer algae, copepod, field trip, laboratory analysis
Picture of Tore Wallem Wallem, Tore Adviser +47 22858278 +47 99709708 Media contact, copyediting, webmaster, event coordinator, Cristin
Picture of Tatiana Barros Ortiz Wechsler Wechsler, Tatiana Barros Ortiz Higher Executive Officer +47 22855821
Picture of Martin Wiesmann Wiesmann, Martin Senior Engineer +47 22857087 Solar Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Picture of Jon Wikne Wikne, Jon Senior Engineer +47-22856153 +47-22855076 +47-92285776 ALICE, Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory, Electronics, IT support for research, Measurement and control systems
Wohlmann, Jens Head Engineer electron microscopy, Cell biology, Zebrafish, Phytoplankton, Intracellulær transport
Picture of Anders Wold-Dobbe Wold-Dobbe, Anders Higher Executive Officer +47 22856560
Picture of Kristine Wold-Dobbe Wold-Dobbe, Kristine Senior Executive Officer +47 22854673 +47 22854673 eBilag, ePhorte
Picture of Nina Kristine Siger Woldene Woldene, Nina Kristine Siger Adviser +47 22857810
Picture of Suthajini Yogarajah Yogarajah, Suthajini Head Engineer +47 22854366
Øien, Nancy Christine Adviser
Picture of Anne Lene Østli Østli, Anne Lene - on leave
Picture of Halvor Aandal Aandal, Halvor Senior Executive Officer Reception, Disputations
Picture of Rein Aasland Aasland, Rein Professor 92425456
Picture of Kristin Aasmundsen Aasmundsen, Kristin Senior Executive Officer +47 22857091 Student administration, Disputation