Focus groups

The Faculty has in collaboration with the Departments appointed a number of research groups for Strategic focus groups. Each focus group has a vision and a research plan for a topic that represents central and important problems up for discussion in the research strategies of the Departments and the Faculty. The focus groups were appointed in 2007 for a period of five years. A few of the groups have been appointed at a later date.

Top-tier research groups

Top-tier research initiatives are in the international research front and have obtained very good evaluations from national and international reviewers. The top-tier research groups have for instance obtained the title Norwegian Centre of Excellence (SFF) or Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI).

Associated top-tier research groups are highly capable researchers who have been invited as partners into a SFF or a SFI at other faculties or institutions.

Associated top-tier research groups

Emerging top-tier research groups

The emerging top-tier research groups are considered to hold great potential and should, within a five year period, be able to develop into top-tier research groups. The emerging research groups are active in their research and have a high production rate in international journals.

Emerging research initiatives

The establishment of emerging research initiatives is important as young ambitious researchers should be given the chance to establish their own research activity. Furthermore,  there may be research areas that have societal significance, providing expert competence within a specific field, that need support or there may be senior researchers who want to change their field of research.

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