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External funding

Here is a list of possible external sources of funding for the PhD programme.

Normally, you will not receive admission to the PhD programme without funding for three years of full-time studies. You must procure funding yourself, and this is usually done in collaboration with the potential supervisor.

You can apply for admission to the programme and be employed by an institution other than UiO.  The project funding may for example come from:

  • a position at a college or another university
  • a position at another scientific institution with time to do your own research
  • a position at an external enterprise or organisation



The Research Council of Norway has schemes for public and private sector employees; the Public sector PhD Scheme and the Industrial PhD Scheme respectively.

If you do not have full funding through such a grant scheme, at least 50% of your working hours must be available for research training, and normally at least one year must be set aside for full-time studies. It is not possible to plan completion of the PhD programme over a period of more than 6 years.

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