Stay updated

The Faculty administration distribute a weekly bulletin to update our early career researchers on new and relevant events. You can also subscribe to our calendar listing the events and other important deadlines.

PhD and postdoc bulletin

The bulletin is issued weekly - usually Friday morning - listing new events of generic and social value. We welcome tips on events that could be relevant to our early career researchers (ECRs). See the bulletin guidelines below on the type of events we accept. 

The bulletin mailing lists are updated monthly with newly employed ECRs. All ECRs will receive the same weekly bulletin but some events will be specifically targeted to the right audience.

Supervisors need to register manually and will receive the same bulletin. The mailing list will also be used by the Faculty to distribute information specific for MN PhD supervisors.

Privacy policy

  • The bulletin is sent from the PhD administration at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Oslo.
    You can contact us at
  • Your personal information is processed by UiO's web form system and the mailing list system Sympa (Systeme de Multi-Postage Automatique).
  • The Faculty administration do not use your email address for other email lists. The departments have their own mailing lists. 
  • All new PhD candidates admitted to the Faculty's PhD programme are automatically registered for the bulletin. You can unsubscribe from the bulletin anytime
  • All new postdoctoral researchers and researchers employed at the MN Faculty are automatically registered for the bulletin. You can unsubscribe from the bulletin anytime

Bulletin guidelines

  • We only list events of generic value, NOT discipline specific events. Exceptions can be made for events hosted in totality by MN Faculty ECRs.
  • We do not distribute political or religious events.
  • We do not distribute job listings. 
  • We only distribute events that are free of charge for the participants.

MN PhD events calendar

The calendar is updated weekly by the MN Faculty PhD administration with events announced in the bulletin in addition to important deadlines relevant for PhD candidates and PhDs.

Explanations to the calendar

The calendar is for informational purpose only. You are yourself responsible for registering for the relevant events and add them to your own calendar. Links to the events are included in the calendar listings. 

  • Events with a registration deadline is listed on the morning the day of the deadline
  • Events without a registration deadline is listed on the day and time of the event