Individual career counseling

The Career Services at UiO are offering individual career counseling for PhD candidates at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The service is available from 30 April until 16 July.

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Advice on pursuing an academic researcher career is best sought with your supervisor(s), research group members and other (associate) professors.

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Think career

The earlier you start thinking about your next career step, the more time you have for exploring your career opportunities and carrying out strategic career choices and training.

Research as a transferable skill

Your doctoral education provides you with a broad set of skills like analytical, critical thinking, problem solving and much more. Knowing your values, interests and being able to put words on your skills, will help you broaden your career perspectives and develop a strategic mindset and career plan.

A career counselor can

  •  provide you with tools and know-how on how to identify your values, skills and/or motivation

  • help explore your career opportunities that align with your values, skills and motivation
  • start an individual career development plan
  • learn methods for carrying out strategic career choices

Making time for a career counseling session may also help reduce stress related to career uncertainty. 


For questions regarding the counseling session