Career management sprint

Identify and communicate your competence. The career management sprint is a series of five workshops that will provide you with tools and know-how on how you can identify and describe your own competence in order to make a strategic career development plan.

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Adapted from the Career Services' competence circle.

WHY: The sum of your competence is made up of skills, values, personal traits, results and theoretical knowledge whom all play important roles when deciding on your next career step. Being able to describe your own competence will help you choose a career that is in line with your own values, skills and personal traits, a choice that can make the difference between success and burnout. 

WHAT: We are offering five workshops aiming at providing you with tools and know-how needed for you to reflect on and describe your own values, skills and competence and help you kick-start your own career development plan.

HOW: The workshops are offered over a period of one week and each is organized in blocks of 45 minutes for introduction on theory and tools followed by 2 x 45 minutes of dedicated time to practice what you've learned. If you prefer to get the introduction and practice on your own, that is of course also okay.

You are free to pick and choose among the workshops. However, to get the best starting point for making your own career development plan, it is helpful to have good insight in your own skills, values, results and personal traits.

If you are unable to participate at one or more workshops, you can book an individual career counseling session where you can discuss any of these, or other topics with one of our highly skilled career counselors.

Workshop 1 - Skills

What are you skilled at? Many of our skills are silent and internalized expertise. Being able to describe your own skills can help you broaden your career perspectives and make a strategic plan to pursue your dream career.

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Workshop 2 - Values

Your map to good decisions. Choosing a career that is in line with you values may be the difference between success and burnout. Do you know your own values?

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Workshop 3 - Results

More than academic achievements. It can be hard to put your finger on a good result. Being able to reflect upon and describe your results can help you build self-confidence and make the difference in your next job interview.

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Workshop 4 - Personal traits

Know thyself. Being aware of your personal traits can provide you with self-insight in how you fit into specific tasks and roles and how you respond to different responsibilities.

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Workshop 5 - Career development plan

Plans are nothing, planning is everything. Knowing how to plan for a career can help you to more easily adapt to changes, challenges and new opportunities.

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