Training: Research and innovation project building

Do you know how to design and develop research and innovation projects?


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  • Registered participants will need to fill out a brief pre- and post workshop survey at the beginning and end of the training (more information below).
  • Registered participants will receive the Zoom link when registration has closed.
  • The event will be recorded for distribution to the participants and for training purposes.


This webinar will provide training in research and innovation (R&I) project building by working with real projects or study cases through game based learning.

After the training you are able to: 

  • evaluate and use the right techniques and tools to generate, select and build on ideas for R&I projects
  • understand and explain the key elements of an integral project idea
  • reflect upon and and explain the most common errors during the design of R&I projects
  • reflect upon the importance of the design phase on the success of the project

You will receive training in the following transferable skills:

  • analysis/synthesis
  • strategic communication
  • informed creativity
  • technology watch


The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is part of the EU project Discovery Learning - Effective training of transferrable skills related to open science and innovation for early-stage researchers. This workshop will utilize gamification and you will be working in teams over real world cases in 'the great goose game of project management'. To better understand the effect gamification has on your learning outcome, we ask all participants to fill out a pre- and post workshop survey that you will be given at the beginning and end of the training. 



EU flagDISCOVERY LEARNING has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 101006452

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