Postdoc Career Success Programme 2021

This webpage provides practical information for the registered participants of the Postdoc Career Success Programme 2021.

Programme content

  • 15 online modules delivered fortnightly over 7 months (on average 2 hours to complete)

  • one-to-one access to PostdocTraining's experienced mentors for career coaching
  • email career guidance / email support
  • career options masterlist, a database of PhD career path case-studies
  • a monthly news service on research-related career issues
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Peer meetings

All participants are encouraged to attend the monthly peer meetings. There you will get to network and engage in group discussions on the modules and other researcher everyday-related issues with your peers. You will in turn function as facilitators for the group discussions.

Upcoming peer meetings 

No upcoming events

Facilitator mandate

  • Initiate an introduction round in the group
  • Ensure the group spend time on discussing both eClasses
  • Invite all group members into the discussions
  • Take notes and report to the Faculty the strengths and weaknesses of the modules revealed during the group discussions
  • Report other general comments about the postdoc life to the Faculty (with consent from the rest of the group)

Programme schedule

Date Release of eClasses Peer meetings and seminars
12 April   Intro seminar (09.30-11.00; material from seminar)
14 April eClass 1  
28 April eClass 2  
6 May   Intro seminar with Kerstin (12.00-13.00)
12 May eClass 3 Peer meeting on eClass 1+2
26 May eClass 4  
TBA   Career destinations finder tutorial (12.00-12.45)
9 June eClass 5 Peer meeting on eClass 3+4
23 June eClass 6  
Summer holidays - programme paused
18 August eClass 7 Peer meeting on eClass 5+6
1 September eClass 8  
15 September eClass 9 Peer meeting on eClass 7+8
29 September eClass 10  
13 October eClass 11 Peer meeting on eClass 9+10
27 October eClass 12  
10 November eClass 13 Peer meeting on eClass 11+12
24 November eClass 14  
8 December eClass 15  
3 December   End-of-programme seminar