Coronavirus: Information to PhD candidates at the MN Faculty

Here you will find the latest updates from the Faculty management and relevant information in relation to your PhD period. 

Information about the Covid-19 situation at UiO.

Messages from the Faculty management

Digital trial lecture

The University has established a solution for arranging a fully digital trial lecture. The trial lecture using Zoom has to be given live via Zoom before your public defense. A live session needs to be approved by your opponents due to timing between different time zones

Public defence / PhD examination

The University has established solutions for arranging a fully digital public defence.

The digital defences will meet the requirement for transparency and the possibility for the public to ask questions.

PhD courses

The Faculty is working on digitalizing the teaching and on finding good solutions for the implementation of exams. It is therefore important that you continue to read and keep updated on the information provided by the Faculty.

Case processing

Business as usual. 

Mid-term evaluation

The Faculty encourages mid-term evaluations to be held by using digital aids, e.g. Zoom.


The Faculty encourages our PhD candidates to stay in contact with their supervisors for supervision and general follow-up. This should be done via Zoom or other digital aids. 

Contact information

Information about the Coronavirus gives you updated information on infection control measures and other information related to the Coronavirus. Please note that the recommendations can change quickly.

Contact telephones:

  • Information for the general public: 815 55 015
  • Information for health professionals: 21 07 70 00 (daytime). Outside office hours: 21 07 63 48