Coronavirus: Information to PhD candidates at the MN Faculty

UiO is gradually opening its buildings for students and staff.

Information updated Wednesday 18 June.

Extensions due to the coronavirus

The University of Oslo was closed from 12 March to 26 April due to the corona situation, with severely limited access to the university's premises. Many of the Faculty's doctoral research fellows have been able to work on their projects from home, either because of the nature of the projects or because they have been able to restructure their projects. However, other fellows have not had access to the necessary laboratories and infrastructure to carry out their research projects and may have experienced varying degrees of delays in their projects.

Doctoral research fellows employed by the Faculty who have been significantly and genuinely delayed in their PhD project have to use online forms to apply for extended employment, except the Department of Mathematics who has an alternative process

Fellows at the Department of Mathematics have already received an email from their Department Administration. 

The applicant must describe what they worked on during the lock down, what has been delayed and the consequences the delay has had for the PhD project. When using the online form, a statement / assessment from the main supervisor must be uploaded confirming that the fellow is delayed and the number of weeks the fellow has been delayed.

  • Fellows with final employment date until 30 September 2020 and who have been effectively delayed due to the lock down, must apply for an extension of employment no later than 24 June 2020.
  • Fellows with final employment date from 1 October 2020 and who have been effectively delayed due to the lock down, must apply for an extension of employment no later than 15 August 2020.

The applications will be sorted by the end date and treated consecutively, meaning that those who have the shortest time to end date will receive feedback first. Fellows with more than one year left of the employment period should prepare for a new assessment of the estimated delay the semester before scheduled delivery.

All applications will be individually processed.

Digital trial lecture

The University has established a solution for arranging a fully digital trial lecture. You can choose either to record your trial lecture at home using Zoom or give it live via Zoom before your public defense. A live session needs to be approved by your opponents due to timing between different time zones

Public defence / PhD examination

The University has established solutions for arranging a fully digital public defence.

The digital defences will meet the requirement for transparency and the possibility for the public to ask questions.

PhD courses

The Faculty is working on digitalizing the teaching and on finding good solutions for the implementation of exams. It is therefore important that you continue to read and keep updated on the information provided by the Faculty.

Case processing

Business as usual. 

Mid-term evaluation

The Faculty encourages mid-term evaluations to be held by using digital aids, e.g. Zoom.


The Faculty encourages our PhD candidates to stay in contact with their supervisors for supervision and general follow-up. This should be done via Zoom or other digital aids. 

Traveling/studying abroad

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travels abroad that are not strictly necessary and also asks all Norwegians traveling to consider returning home to Norway safely in consultation with their travel agency or airline.

All persons who have traveled abroad must stay at home in quarantine for 14 days from the date of return. For more updated information, please visit

Contact information

Information about the Coronavirus gives you updated information on infection control measures and other information related to the Coronavirus. Please note that the recommendations can change quickly.

Contact telephones:

  • Information for the general public: 815 55 015
  • Information for health professionals: 21 07 70 00 (daytime). Outside office hours: 21 07 63 48