Messages from the Faculty management

Published Sep. 27, 2021 6:18 PM

Attached follows information from the University Director following the government’s press conference Friday September 24.

"The government stated that as of Saturday, September 25, the vast majority of national infection control measures will be removed. You can travel by public transport in the same way as before the restrictions were imposed, and recommendations for working from home have now been revoked. Adhering to a social distancing of 1 metre no longer applies, and all restrictions on events and at restaurants are lifted.

We are re-entering an everyday life where the primary workplace is on the university premises, and we would like to welcome all students and employees back to campus. We have received positive feedback regarding the arrangement for reserving reading room places, and this will stay in place until further notice and will be discussed in more detail in relevant forums. The faculties will, as far as possible, facilitate physical e...

Published Aug. 17, 2021 10:56 AM

Attached follows information from the University Director after the today’s government press conference. The key points related to teaching and our workplace are summarized below.


  • Commencing Monday, 16 August, normal access and opening hours for UiO's buildings will be reintroduced.
  • Commencing Monday, 16 August, students will be exempt from the social distancing requirements during teaching. This means that we can use all our classrooms in the usual way.
  • Continued requirements for infection tracing will be maintained by the registration on the course.
  • UiO maintains the social distance requirement of one meter in the reading rooms as well as the current reservation requirement.
  • As of Sunday, 15 August, people with admission to a PhD program at a Norwegian educational institution will have the opportunity to re-enter the country.
  • Test and quar...
Published June 4, 2021 3:32 PM

PhD candidates employed by the Faculty who have been significantly and genuinely delayed due to the corona situation, can now, in a second round, apply for extended employment.

Published May 25, 2021 4:41 PM

The government and the Oslo municipality have announced reliefs in the pandemic measures concerning UiO and our faculty. The reliefs will be effective from May 26 unless otherwise specified.


Social distance

  • Following consultations with the City of Oslo, the social distance requirement is reduced to 1 meter.
  • UiO and our faculty have started the work of increasing the capacity for reading rooms from May 27 in accordance with the reduced distance requirements.
  • Rooms and reading rooms are made available in TP for booking.
  • Both students (bachelor and master) and staff have access to buildings with access cards and codes.


Physical teaching

  • We have entered the exam season and the teaching will be finished in many subjects.
  • In the event of a n...
Published May 14, 2021 11:28 AM

Information in PhD and postdoc bulletin (2021-05-14)

Postdoctoral research fellows employed by the Faculty who have been significantly and genuinely delayed in their research project due to the corona situation, can now apply for extended employment. There is no application deadline. However, due to necessary case processing time, we kindly ask that you apply no later than one month before current end date.

Procedures for application for extended employment for PhD candidates is being prepared and will be sent out as soon as ready. The application deadline will be open-ended.

Published Mar. 24, 2021 7:49 AM

The Government has today March 23nd announced stricter national pandemic measures. (English version not yet published).
For UiO and our faculty, this means the following from March 25th, 2021:

  • A social distance of 2 meters is recommended.
  • A face mask is recommended where sufficient distance cannot be maintained.
  • Digital teaching will be continued in the period March 25th – April 4th.
  • Access to reading rooms and library facilities will still be maintained.
  • Practice, skills training and lab courses will be maintained under the restrictions given above.
  • Access to the reading room will be adjusted in accordance with the above recommended social distance and the booking system will be...
Published Mar. 16, 2021 9:46 AM

Oslo municipality and the government are implementing increased COVID-19 measures at Level A in Viken. The measures will impact the education sector, including the University of Oslo.

For UiO and our faculty, this will mean the the following:

  • UiO buildings, including reading rooms, will be closed to students from Tuesday, March 16th at 12.00.
  • Practice, skills training and lab courses will proceed as already planned.
  • Master students in need of laboratory access and infrastructure on campus will still have access.
  • Teaching will be digital only from Tuesday March 16th and tentatively until April 11th .
  • The University Library is setting up a collection scheme for books - stay tuned to the University Library's website.
  • Employees should work from home as far as pra...
Published Feb. 27, 2021 9:33 AM

Subsequent to recent changes in national regulations, UiO has in consultation with Oslo's infection control authorities agreed on the following relief in access to campus from March 1st. We emphasize that the COVID situation is still unstable. Changes may therefore come at short notice.

  • In the event of changes in national or regional regulations, it is of key importance that all employees and students at UiO relate exclusively to information from UiO centrally before changes are implemented locally.

Physical teaching
The faculties may now plan for teaching in small groups of up to 20 people.

Infection tracing
To assist Oslo Municipality in any infection tracing, UiO will keep an overview of reservation of reading seats. Registration of participation in physical teaching at the faculty will be limited to course registration. Unregistered students shall in accordance wit...

Published Feb. 1, 2021 10:04 AM

To all employees at the MN faculty

The government will allow the university to provide access for students who have a crucial need to perform experiments and skills training, in order to maintain progress in their study programme.

  • We have clarified that this in the first instance will comprise MSc students with a crucial need for access to laboratories to maintain the progression in their master's theses.
  • Additionally, students on the pharmacy programme with a need for laboratory-based skills training will have access.
  • The access is valid from and including February 3rd and in the first instance until February 10th.

We are still in dialogue with UiO about access for other students who are dependent on laboratory-based courses in their study programmes.

Kind regards,
Solveig, Knut, Bjørn, Jarle & Jo

Published Jan. 26, 2021 2:11 PM

The government will implement new infection prevention measures from 23 January at 12.00. Teaching will be digital for all students, and the campus is closed to students until January 31st 2021.

To prevent the spread of the mutated British variant of the corona virus, the Government has introduced new measures in ten municipalities, including Oslo. The measures will initially last until January 31st  2021.

At our faculty, this will imply the following:

  • Digital teaching is introduced for everyone. All teaching, including exams and planned events must be postponed or made digital. Campus is closed to students. 
  • All employees must work from home, as far as is practically possible. 
  • All employees, (incl. PhD, Postdoc.) who need access to the buildings, must use card and code. 
  • Presence on campus must be agreed with your immediate supervisor.
  • The university li...