E-mail to all employees at the MN Faculty (27.09.2021)

Attached follows information from the University Director following the government’s press conference Friday September 24.

"The government stated that as of Saturday, September 25, the vast majority of national infection control measures will be removed. You can travel by public transport in the same way as before the restrictions were imposed, and recommendations for working from home have now been revoked. Adhering to a social distancing of 1 metre no longer applies, and all restrictions on events and at restaurants are lifted.

We are re-entering an everyday life where the primary workplace is on the university premises, and we would like to welcome all students and employees back to campus. We have received positive feedback regarding the arrangement for reserving reading room places, and this will stay in place until further notice and will be discussed in more detail in relevant forums. The faculties will, as far as possible, facilitate physical education.

If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or other illness, you should stay at home. People infected with Covid-19 must not come to work. 

Working from home on a more sporadic basis can be agreed between line manager and employee. In special cases where it is relevant to work from home more regularly and over a longer period of time, this must be agreed in writing between the manager and the employee, in line with the guidelines for remote working. When someone is requesting to work from home, the immediate line manager must consider both the employer's and the employee's needs. Employees who need accommodation in the workplace or in the form of continuing to work from home, are asked to enter into dialogue with their immediate line manager.

Distribution of self-tests will be phased out in week 39."


In line with this information, our faculty will facilitate physical education within the limits of the semester plan that has already been laid down.


Kind regards,
Solveig, Knut, Bjørn, Jarle & Jo

Published Sep. 27, 2021 6:18 PM - Last modified Sep. 27, 2021 6:18 PM