Introductory Dialogs at the Department of Mathematics

The purpose of the introductory dialog between newly accepted PhD-candidates and their supervisor/administration is to identify areas where the expectations on issues relevant for  the PhD-studies/employment might differ.

The PhD-council at the Department of Mathematics has written a suggestion for the topics that are to be used in the initial conversations based on the questionnaire originally made by Johan Bijnens, Lund University, Sweden.

Introductory Dialog with Supervisors 

Supervisors are advised to read Ethical guidelines for supervisors at UiO before initial conversation with the newly accepted PhD-candidates and consult it whenever needed.

It is expected that every main supervisor has an initial dialog with newly accepted PhD-student where the following topics are being discussed:

  • Expectations and the purpose of the PhD education.

  • Routines for supervision (form, frequency and involvement / need for co-supervisors).

  • Implementation of the PhD in practice (theory part, research plan: division of responsibility and stays abroad).

  • Expectations related to the third semester reporting.

  • Potential issues in connection with rights to research results and any relevant ethical questions (e.g. when collecting data). Please consult Ethical guidelines if needed.

Suggestion for the concrete questions to be discussed is to be found in the menu to the right (Dialog with supervisor).

Introductory Dialog with the Administration 

Newly accepted PhD-candidates can also have an initial conversation with the student administration and the Head of Office and/or Section leader about the benefits, responsibilities, rules and regulations connected to the employment and studies. An overview of the social arrangements for newly accepted PhDs is to be found on our webpages, and invitations to each event are sent by e-mail.

Suggestion for the concrete questions to be discussed is to be found in the menu to the right (Dialog with administration). 


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