Easter with new friends

Easter is just around the corner and the weather forecast is looking promising. It is important to take a break and easier to do so if you have something to do and someone to do it with. Therefore, we are repeating the success of the Christmas with new friends, in a new holiday suit.


When you sign up we will pair you with up to four others who are also looking for someone to hang with during the holidays. Your meetings will be self-initiated and you decide yourselves whether you want to meet digitally or outside. Those of you who want to meet in person outside, will be matched geographically to avoid unnecessary use of public transportation. We will also assure gender balance in the groups.

Corona restrictionscorona virus

We insist that you follow the corona advice and rules in the City of Oslo!

Outdoor private gatherings in a public place

It is not allowed to arrange to meet with more than ten people in public places such as parks, forests, playgrounds and ball courts.

Inhabitants are asked to limit all social contact.

By signing up you approve that we store the information about you for one month, and that we can share your e-mail address with the people you are paired with.

Registration is closed.