Cancelled: PhD completion seminar

The PhD completion seminar is a full day seminar for PhD candidates at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences supporting them in the final period of writing the popular scientific summary, preparing for and executing the trial lecture and defence.  

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The programme

09:30-12:00 Part I: PopSci Workshop

At the workshop you will get help from communication staff to write a popular scientific summary that more than your colleagues understand. This will be used for the announcement of your PhD defence on the Faculty web pages and you can use it to raise awareness of your accomplishments on LinkedIn and other platforms.

Bring a printed draft of your text to the workshop! You will have the opportunity to get your picture taken. 

Popular scientific summary form

  • Welcome and introduction to popular scientific summary and press release form
  • A brief insight into the world of a journalist and their services NTB and AlphaGalileo
  • Tips and tricks
  • Feedback on your text from co-participant
  • Workshop, communication staff will be available to help improve your text.

12:00-12:30 Lunch

12:30-14:30 Part II: Prep the Doc

The seminar aims at preparing you for the trial lecture and defence, how to prepare for them and how to better manage the unavoidable build of stress. Getting some tips from a PhD and a former committee member may help you to improve the situation. 

  • PhD experiences 
  • Committee member experiences 
  • How to manage stress 



Contact information

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