PhD Programme Seminar 2018

The overall aim of this seminar is to provide the participants with tools relevant for the doctoral education and insight in future career prospects. It also presents a unique opportunity to meet and engage with your PhD fellows and broaden your social and scientific network.

This two-day seminar is for PhD candidates enrolled in the MN Faculty's PhD programme throughout 2018. It will be held at Holmen Fjordhotell, and all participants are encouraged to spend the night. The stay and transport is free. 

The seminar will be in English. Remember to bring your own device. 

Registration is closed

Deadline for registering was January 10.



08:45     Meet by the bus Physics building, lower Blindern

09:00     Departure from Blindern

Day I

10:00 Welcome and Intro
Finn-Eirik Johansen, Vice Dean of Research (MN)
Morten Dæhlen, Dean (MN)

Diversity Icebreaker
Ilan Dehli Villanger, Senior Adviser and Coordinator of ForVei (MN)
Victoria Haynes, Senior Executive Officer, ForVei (MN) 


Make Better Posters
Karoline Moe, Senior Academic Librarian, the Science Library
Åsmund H. Eikenes, Senior Lecturer, the Communication section (MN)

Steps to Making Your Presentations More Impactful and Memorable
Shane Colvin, Senior Engineer, Faculty of Educational Science

Cross-Cultural Communication
Pellegrino Riccardi, Edutainer



Day II 

09:00 PhD Life and the Way Forward
Finn-Eirik Johansen, Vice Dean of Research (MN)

The Norwegian Association of Researchers (Forskerforbundet) - Know your rights and organize!
Jon Iddeng, Special Adviser at NAR

Work-Life Balance
Petter Nielsen, Associate Professor (Department of Informatics)

Life as a PhD candidate
Hedda Johannesen, PhD candidate (Department of Chemistry)

Matthew Good, PhD candidate (Department of Informatics)

Group discussion/Panel discussion

Presentation Techniques
Elina Melteig, Communications Adviser (Department of Chemistry)

Science Blogging
Celine Marie Løken Cunen, Postdoctoral Fellow (Department of Mathematics)


Espen Kallevik, Adviser, the Career Services at the University of Oslo

UiO personal start page
Elina Melteig, Communications Adviser (Department of Chemistry)

Concluding the seminar

16:00 Departure from Holmen Fjordhotell



Organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
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