PhD programme seminar 2022

A two-day seminar for all PhD candidates enrolled in the Faculty's PhD programme throughout 2021 and 2022. 

Picture of Sundvolden hotel

Sundvolden hotel

The aim of the PhD programme seminar is to welcome our new PhD candidates. You will get to know the faculty, network and acquire important knowledge for your future PhD life and career. 


The registration deadline was 19 August 2022. 

We have a limited number of places, and will distribute them on a first-come, first-served basis.

PhD candidates who started during 2020, and did not have a chance to attend before, are also welcome to sign up. You will be put on the waiting list.  

When and where?

Monday-Tuesday, October 10-11, 2022.

At Sundvolden hotel, about 45 minutes outside Oslo. Transportation to and from Blindern is free. 

All participants are encouraged to spend the night. There will be free, single rooms for everyone.


Day 1, Monday 10 October

Departure from Physics building, lower Blindern, at 9:00

10:20  Welcome and introduction Bjørn Jamtveit, Vice Dean of Research at the MN Faculty
10:40  Self-awareness and collective reflection with Diversity Icebreaker Ilan Dehli Villanger & Linda Therese Sørensen Westgaard, ForVei, MN Faculty
12:00  Lunch  
13:00  MN’s strategy and action plan for climate, environment and sustainability Bjørn Jamtveit, Vice Dean of Research at the MN Faculty

13:30  How can I make my research more climate, environment and sustainability friendly?

How can a researcher's activity be “sustainable”, and how do we integrate sustainable practices into research projects? Where do we start?

Anja Røyne, Senior Lecturer, Department of Physics

14:40  Plan your career: What does the faculty offer PhD candidates?

As an early career researcher, it is your responsibility to consider and to plan your career. As your institution, we consider it our responsibility to support you in this process.

Natasa Nikolic,

Adviser, Section for Research, MN Faculty

15:05  Generic skills and why do I need them?

During your PhD, in addition to gaining academic knowledge, you attain generic skills that can help you in your future career.

Jørgen Trømborg, Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company
15:30  PhD representatives: What we do and what MN offers Anders Isaksen, PhD candidate
16:00  Cross-cultural communication Pellegrino Riccardi, edutainer and communication expert
17:45  Personal time, dinner  and entertainment  

Day 2, Tuesday 11 October

09:00   Workshops – parallel sessions – round one  

How to deal with feedback in academia

During your PhD, you will get feedback from peers, supervisors and reviewers. Feedback can feel like a rebuke. Academics are never taught properly how to give feedback. As a PhD candidate, you might not know how to receive feedback either. You will excel if you know a way to receive feedback that is constructive for you.

Ilan Dehli Villanger, Senior Adviser and Coordinator of ForVei, MN Faculty

Improving your mental strength

Some people quickly bounce back from personal setbacks, while others find it much more difficult. There are many practical strategies for building mental strength and resilience; it is a quality that can be learned and honed through practice, discipline and hard work.

Linda Westgaard, Adviser, ForVei, MN Facuty

Project management and supervisor relationships

Having good tools to manage your project will help you during your PhD studies. As a PhD candidate, you also rely on your supervisors and how they manage their projects and time. We will discuss good strategies for managing both your relationship to your supervisors and your project.

Petter Nielsen, Professor, Department of Informatics

Social networking and outreach

Template for a Press Release

Communication and networking is a key aspect for succeeding as a scientist. Social media can be an effective tool to communicate with the public and promote your work. We will talk about strategies and possibilities to get you started with social networking and outreach.

Morgan Jones, Researcher, CEED, Department of Geosciences

10:00 Group activities and networking  
12:00  Lunch  

13:00  Workshops – parallel sessions – round two

Summary and quick evaluation of the seminar  

Departure for Blindern at 15:00


Bjørn Jamtveit. Photo: UiO

Bjørn Jamtveit

Vice Dean of Research at the MN Faculty

Bjørn facilitates the Faculty's employees to deliver research at a high international level. It is also his responsibility to lead the development of the researcher education. He focuses on career development for younger researchers, both towards academic top positions and other career paths.



Anja Røyne. Photo: UiO

Anja Røyne

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Physics

Anja is a physicist, writer, lecturer, researcher and science communicator. She studies the coupling between mechanics and chemistry on the micro- and nanoscale, applied to geological processes, materials and biotechnology. But she is also deeply committed to sustainability, on both a more personal and a bigger scale.



Natasa Nikolic. Photo: Anders Lien/UiO

Natasa Nikolic

Adviser, Section for Research, MN Faculty

Natasa coordinates career support programs for early career researchers at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. She has a PhD from the Department of Pharmacy, where she also works as a senior lecturer in pharmacology.



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Jørgen Trømborg. Photo: Hilde Lynnebakken

Jørgen Kjoshagen Trømborg

Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company

Jørgen has a PhD from the Department of Physics at the MN Faculty. He received the King's Gold Medal for the best doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at UiO in 2015. Now he works at McKinsey & Company. The job requires physics knowledge in addition to a range of skills he acquired during his PhD.



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Anders Isaksen
Photo: UiO

Anders Isaksen

PhD candidate at the Department of Biosciences, CEES.
PhD candidate representative at the Faculty's PhD Programme Council

He works with a project on evolutionary genetics and the evolution of ant venoms.




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Pellegrino Riccardi

Pellegrino Riccardi

Edutainer and communication expert

Pellegrino gives fun and engaging lectures on motivation, communication and work culture. He describes the Norwegian way of working life, and contributes insight into how the typical Norwegian communicates. 


Petter Nielsen. Photo: UiO

Petter Nielsen

Professor at the Department of Informatics

Petter works on large-scale and complex information systems (such as information infrastructures, digital platforms and digital global public goods). He is the Head of the Information System research group and the Head of the PhD Committee at the Department of Informatics. He has also extensive experience supervising PhD candidates.


Ilan Villanger and Linda Westgaard. Photo: Hilde Omberg/UiO

Ilan Dehli Villanger and Linda Westgaard

ForVei (MN Faculty)

Ilan and Linda are skilled counsellors specialising in talking to students and PhD candidates. Ilan coordinates ForVei, a personal counselling programme for all students admitted to a study programme at the MN Faculty. ForVei's main goal is for students and PhD candidates to enjoy their learning experience and to acquire a sense of achievement. Linda also leads discussion groups and gives courses to PhD candidates on important topics like stress management and mental health.


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Morgan Jones. Photo: Private

Morgan Thomas Jones

Researcher, Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics, Department of Geosciences

Morgan is a volcanologist working at CEED, a centre of excellence at the MN faculty. His expertise is the interaction between volcanic terrains and the climate. In addition to being a young research talent, he is also actively using social media for networking and outreach.

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