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Progress reporting at School of Pharmacy


Third semester evaluation


The third semester evaluation is the PhD candidate’s first report to School of Pharmacy. Third semester evaluations must take place no sooner than twelve months and no later than fifteen months after the start of the employment period. School of Pharmacy will in due time summon all parties to this reporting (the candidate, supervisors and the PhD committee at School of Pharmacy). The candidate will present results obtained during the period to the committee and shall account for any deviations from the progress plan. The presentation should be approximately 30 minutes followed by a discussion of the supervision both in the presence and abscence of the supervisors. The third semester reporting should be approximately 45-60 minutes in total. The purpose of this reporting is to reveal any deviations from the progress plan and project description at an early stage. In the case of deviations, measures will be taken to assist the candidate to complete at the appointed time. The committee will have access to the candidate's application for admission to the PhD programme in and it is natural that questions will be asked along the way.


Annual report


The annual reports of both the PhD candidates and supervisors will be carried out in January / February. School of Pharmacy will send out the correct forms to the candidate, supervisor and co-supervisors.

Annual reporting will only take place after the third year reporting has been completed. If, for example, third semester reporting is done in the autumn semester, the candidate will not report subsequent January / February, but first year after that.

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