Progress reports at the Department of Geosciences

Candidates and supervisors must file Ph.D. studies progress reports. This is to ensure that candidates receive the necessary support, and to aid a smooth implementation of their Ph.D. project.

The progress reports includes a compulsory report in the third semester, for which a specific form must be used, followed by yearly reports filed online.

Third semester reports

Candidates and supervisors will be called into a meeting with the local Ph.D. committee. Invitations to this meeting will be sent no sooner than 12 and no later than 15 months after the candidate has been appointed. The third semester report is a requirement for all Ph.D. students at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Download the progress report form in Word-format here: Norwegian / English

Yearly progress reports

After the third semester report, the Ph.D. candidate must submit yearly progress reports. At this point, the candidate will be in his or her 4th or 5th semester, depending on the semester in which the candidate began his or her Ph.D. studies.

The department administration will issue an invitation to submit reports electronically, when this becomes available.

Both the Ph.D. candidate and their supervisor must file a report online.

Progress report procedure

The department has developed the following procedure for the filing of yearly progress reports:

  1. The department administration collects individual progress reports from both Ph.D. candidates and their supervisors. Co-supervisors may file join reports with the main supervisor.
  2. Ph.D. candidates who would like a short, confidential talk with the department head/section head/head of the Ph.D. committee, may notify the department of this via the progress report form.
  3. If no reply is received, up to 2 reminders will be sent.
  4. The department head/section head/head of the Ph.D. committee/the department administration compares the responses from the Ph.D. candidates and their supervisors.
  5. Any deviations will be discussed with the candidates and supervisors by the department head/section manager/head of the Ph.D. committee. Notes will be taken at these meetings, specifying any measures to be taken.
  6. Talks will be had with those who requested them.
  7. Meeting notes are filed in the student archives for later reference.
  8. After a candidate has defended their thesis, all report papers are shredded. 
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