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Reporting routines for the candidates and supervisors at the Department of Mathematics

Annual reporting

All doctoral candidates and their supervisors have to submit separate reports on the candidate's progress once a year.

The annual report from doctoral candidates and their supervisors is an important tool for monitoring each candidate and the relationship with their supervisors. It is therefore important that all submit the report.

The candidates who:

1) have had the third semester meeting during the year of the reporting,
2) have started their PhD-studies during the year of the reporting 

can choose if they want to submit the report.

Candidates who have submitted their thesis for the evaluation are not expected to submit annual report.

Candidates who are on the leave of absence should report for the period they have been active during the year of the reporting.

Candidates with an agreement that has expired but who are still working on their PhD projects should also submit annual report. Please do remember to apply for extension of the contract in that case.

PhD students:

You may at any time during the year (regardless of reporting) request a meeting with the PhD council leader. Please contact the student administration for an appointment.

Third Semester Meetings

All doctoral candidates who have begun their PhD-studies must have a meeting with an appointed committee consisting of at least three members. This meeting should be organized between 12 and 15 months after the candidate’s appointment date. The committee evaluates candidate’s progress as compared to the progress plan and the project description submitted with the application for the admission to the PhD programme.

The purpose of the third semester reporting is to monitor and evaluate the relationship between a supervisor(s) and a candidate, to evaluate candidate's progress and to present the results achieved during the first 12-15 months of the PhD period.

Candidates must therefore prepare a presentation of their projects for the committee and explain any deviations from the original plan.
In addition to talking about the progress of the the candidate's PhD project, the committee will use the opportunity to ask a candidate about the potential plans he/she might have for the period after the PhD-degree is obtained.

Relations to supervisors shall be discussed both with and without the supervisor being present.

After the meeting a committee fills out a form that is to be submitted to the student administration at the Department of Mathematics.

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