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PhD dinner and conferral ceremony

It is your choice whether to organize a PhD dinner. The cost of a PhD dinner must be met by you, however, part of the cost is tax deductible.

PhD dinner

It is your choice what form the PhD dinner should take; a large white-tie dinner, or a buffet at the end of the public defence, or no dinner at all. Whatever you decide, the meal must be held on the same day as the public defence. It is customary, but not necessary, to hold a PhD dinner where the dress code is black tie or dark suit. The dinner is formal, but can also have a less formal element.


The chair of the public defence, the third member of the adjudication committee and the candidate’s supervisor normally give a speech. It is also traditional for the PhD candidate to give a speech and to thank the university, committee, research community and his/her family etc.


There are no fixed rules for seating. The PhD candidate and his/her escort, the committee members, supervisor, chair of the public defence and head of department should, however, be seated centrally.

Tax deduction

The candidate must cover the cost of the dinner. The committee, supervisor(s), chair of the public defence and head of department are obvious guests.

Some PhD candidates like to invite a large number of guests, in which case you can ask guests to make a contribution. The guests listed above, however, should not be asked to pay.

Part of the cost is tax deductible: ‘When you take a PhD, you are entitled to deduct expenses associated with printing, travel and the PhD dinner.’

Deductions for cost of a PhD degree (Directorate of Taxes)

You only receive a deduction for the dinner for supervisors, opponents and such like; no deduction is given for food for family and friends.

If requested by the tax office, the deduction must be documented with receipts and a list of participants.

Diploma and ceremonial diploma

You will receive two documents as documentary proof of the degree:

1. A diploma with a diploma supplement

2. A ceremonial diploma in Latin

Diploma with a diploma supplement

A diploma with a diploma supplement are produced by the Faculty approximately every second month. The text of the diploma and the diploma supplement is in English. The name you are registered with in the StudentWeb will be the name written on the diploma.

The diploma with the diploma supplement will be sent to your residential address registered in the National Population Register. Remember to ensure you are registered with the correct address in StudentWeb. We encourage you to update your residential address in the StudentWeb if you move out of Norway after the disputation, or informing the Faculty via

Diplomas are issued only once. You can apply for a duplicate if the diploma is lost.

Returned diplomas

We will contact you if the diploma is returned to us by the postal services.

Ceremonial diploma in Latin

Ceremonial diploma in Latin will be awarded at the conferment ceremony.

If you cannot attend the conferment ceremony, the ceremonial diploma will be sent to your residential address after the ceremony by recorded post.

Conferment ceremony

The conferment ceremony takes place four times a year, and it is not mandatory to participate. Doctoral candidates are invited to the ceremony by e-mail approximately five weeks prior to the conferral.

More information about the conferral ceremony and the dates for 2021


Temporary documentation

The conferment ceremony often takes place a few months after the PhD examination, as the ceremonies are only held every quarter, and a certain amount of preparation time is needed.

If you need documentation to show that you have completed a PhD before the date of the conferral, the case officer at the department can provide a short letter of confirmation.

It is your responsibility to contact the department in such cases.

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