Printing and Scanning

MN faculty have printers available for its users. All PC rooms in the faculty have printers. Here you can find information on printers for students in the faculty, help on how to print, print queue and print quota. UiO has currently introduced new printing system with safecom called pullprint for printers with card readers and pushprint for printers without card reader.  


  PC Room

Printer name




black and white



black and white



Multi-Function printer (pullprint)


Vilhelm Bjerknes' hus/Niels Henrik Abels Hus

Abel stue have both windows and linux machines. Abel stue is located at Abels hus, ground floor. There you can find two printers one black and white and one coloured.

Read more about existing printers and scanners in Science Library at Vilhelm Bjerknes.


1. Click on "SafeCom Go" button on the android touch screen device.


2. Log in: You can log in with your student/employe or other card or using your UiO username and password

3. Click on "Pull Print" button on the screen

4. Select the document you want to print and click on print button.



1. Logg in: Hold your card on the top of card reader on the printer until you hear beeps sound.

2.  Place the paper you want scanned in the feeder on top of the copier.

3. Select "E-mail" on the screen

4. Select "Send" 


Check Printing quota

To check how many available prints you have go to login and click on "Transactions". Here you can also topup your account and check price for printings you make, delete printings and view printing history.

Problem with printing

why is my document not printing


Technical support for auditorium and teaching rooms