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RealCareer is an important arena for direct contact with students in natural sciences and technology at the University of Oslo. Our students are looking for their future employers and this is a place to display what your company is looking for. 

Who arranges RealCareer?

RealCareer is an initiative by student in technology and natural sciences at the University of Oslo, ans it is driven by a group of students and employees from Karrieresenteret and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

What kind of students are at RealCareer?

There are about 5000 students studying technology and natural sciences at the University of Oslo. We educate skilled candidates, getting their education from some of the best researchers in their scientific field. There is a wide variety in scientific fields and educational opportunities, and you will definitely students with relevant competence for your business!

In the week leading up to RealCareer, Karrieresenteret will hold courses for students so that you will meet prepared students who know what competance they have. RealCareer 2016.

Do my business have to have job vacancies to participate?

No, your business is welcome either you have vacant position or not. RealCareer is a fantastic opportunity to promote and build a reputation anyway. Come and build a network with possible, future colleagues (collect CVs etc.) so that you get the best employees in the future as well!

How can mye business participate?

In Vilhelm Bjerknes' hus you can have a stand, hold information meetings and have speed interviews with students.

To make this day as attractive as possible, we want you to:

  • Have information about possible internships and/or permanent jobs.
  • Be clear on what competence you want in you business.
  • Feel free to have own competitions at the stand with prize ceremony during the mingling.


As a participant at RealCareer, your business will e promoted on websites and in the brochure handed out to the students.

Welcome to RealCareer 9th February 2017!


Published Aug. 29, 2017 2:07 PM