Christiane Færestrand Ellefsen

Doctoral Research Fellow - Section for Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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Visiting address Sem Sælands vei 3 Farmasibygningen 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1068 Blindern 0316 OSLO
Other affiliations Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Student)


  • Ellefsen, Christiane Færestrand; Wold, Christian Winther; Wilkins, Alistair L.; Rise, Frode & Samuelsen, Anne Berit C. (2021). Water-soluble polysaccharides from Pleurotus eryngii fruiting bodies, their activity and affinity for Toll-like receptor 2 and dectin-1. Carbohydrate Polymers.  ISSN 0144-8617. . doi: 10.1016/j.carbpol.2021.117991
  • Johansson, Silje; Johannessen, Tonje; Ellefsen, Christiane Færestrand; Ristun, Mali Schulstad; Antonsen, Simen Gjelseth; Hansen, Trond Vidar; Stenstrøm, Yngve H. & Nolsøe, Jens Mortansson Jelstrup (2019). A Convenient Protocol for the Synthesis of Fatty Acid Amides. Synlett : Accounts and Rapid Communications in Synthetic Organic Chemistry.  ISSN 0936-5214.  30(2), s 213- 217 . doi: 10.1055/s-0037-1611939 Show summary
  • Klau, Leesa Jane; Aachmann, Finn Lillelund; Samuelsen, Anne Berit C. & Ellefsen, Christiane Færestrand (2021). NMR spectroscopic characterization of water-insoluble glucans from Pleurotus eryngii.
  • Ellefsen, Christiane Færestrand; Struzek, Anna-Maria; Scherliess, Regina & Samuelsen, Anne Berit C. (2020). Polysaccharide based Particles.
  • Ellefsen, Christiane Færestrand; Johansson, Silje. J. R; Johannessen, Tonje; Ristun, Mali Schulstad; Antonsen, Simen Gjelseth; Nolsøe, Jens Mortansson Jelstrup; Hansen, Trond Vidar & Stenstrøm, Yngve H. (2019). Synthesis of Fatty Acid Amides.
  • Ellefsen, Christiane Færestrand & Samuelsen, Anne Berit C. (2019). Isolation and Preliminary Characterization of Polysaccharides from King Oyster Mushroom.
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