Dietary fiber and human health

Dietary fiber, i.e. carbohydrate polymers and their health effects are studied, especially with regard to gut health, inflammation and cancer development.

Carbohydrate polymers that escape degradation by digestive enzymes can be regarded as dietary fiber. Examples are beta-glucans from cereals and from fungi, arabinoxylans from cereals, pectin from fruits and cabbage, alginate from sea weeds.

We isolate carbohydrate polymers, perform structural analysis and test for activity in test systems related to inflammation and colon cancer development.



  • Dietary fiber and human health: Interaction with proteases. Participants: Lise Berven, Anne Berit Samuelsen, Torkild Gravermoen, Nga Nguyen, Hong Hoa Thi, Layla Mohammad Khader Zubaidi, Helai Rabani, ProTarg in collaboration with Inst. of Baric Medical Sciences Dept. of Nutrition, Nofima mat, Dept. of Biotechnology NTNU.
  • Basidiomycota. Isolation of beta-glucans and other bioactive constituents in edible mushrooms. Participants: Anna Armika Tussilago Nyman, Anne Berit Samuelsen, Helle Wangensteen, Hilde Barsett, Karl E. Malterud, in collaboration with University of Wageningen.
  • Agaricus. Isolation and characterization of bioactive components in an Agaricus blazei extract. Participants: Anne Berit Samuelsen and Lise Berven in collaboration with Norwegian University of Life Sciences and the Norwegian Radium Hospital.
  • OPTIFIBER: Incorporation of cereal and yeast dietary fibres into new innovative healthy food products. NFR project 224819 lead by Nofima mat. Local participants: Anne Berit Samuelsen and Anna Armika Tussilago Nyman.
  • INFIGUT: Influence of polysaccharide based dietary fibre on gut microflora and the human health. NFR project no. 185125/I10 lead by Nofima mat. Local participants: Terje E. Michaelsen, Anne Berit Samuelsen
  • ADDBAR: Added value products from barley. NFR project no. 167863/110 lead by Nofima mat. Local participants:Terje E. Michaelsen, Anne Berit Samuelsen


Published Feb. 28, 2011 10:31 AM - Last modified Mar. 25, 2014 9:52 AM