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Clinical pharmacy

The research group`s main goal is to study the effect of tailored drug therapy to the individual patient. In particular, we focus on patient experiences and attitudes towards drugs, and interventions to optimise the individual’s drug therapy.

Clinical pharmacy comprises optimisation of drug therapy for the individual patient, in collaboration with other health care professionals and the patient herself. Clinical pharmacy can be conducted both in hospitals and in the primary care. Patient safety is the overarching goal.

Several factors affect the individual patient`s response to a drug, e.g. genetic variation, age, and morbidity. Such factors could be used to tailor the drug therapy and the practical use of drugs to the individual patient. Shared decision making is a process where the patient together with health care professionals agree on treatment goals and the appropriate treatment. Personal experiences and attitudes towards the use of drugs are therefore important factors in personalized drug therapy.

The research group uses both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Several of our projects fall under the area of health services research and are research on complex interventions. The main focus of our research is:

  • Drug therapy and patient safety in multimorbid patients and other patients with complex drug therapy regimens

The research group has established collaboration with a broad academic environment, with several hospitals and hospital departments, hospital pharmacies and the Faculty of Medicine, UiO and with other universities and research institutions in Norway and abroad. We want to strengthen our collaboration with researchers in the social sciences, implementation research, the National Network for Health Services Research, and e-health research.

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Published Jan. 24, 2020 12:45 PM - Last modified Sep. 16, 2021 8:39 PM


Group leader
Liv Mathiesen