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New Innovative Drugs and Imaging (NIDI)

The New Innovative Drugs and Imaging group does research within life science, in the cross-field of organic-, radio- and pharmaceutical chemistry, and biology. Our main goal is to use our knowledge in these areas to develop new methods for diagnosis and therapy. The group cooperates with industry and other academic environments to achieve these goals.

Group members, april 2016.

Research areas

Our main projects are:

  1. Synthesis and biological evaluation of new ninase inhibitors in the field of oncology.

  2. New PET-ligands for the diagnosis of cancer.

  3. Studies and new formulations of monoclonal antiboidies.

  4. Identification of new antibiotics.

  5. Novel GnRH molecules for new indications.

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Norsk Medisinsk Syklotronsenter/PET-senteret

Drug Discovery Laboratory AS

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Jo Klaveness

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