PharmaSafe COVID-19 projects

We are involved in several international research project focusing on treatment of COVID-19, and medication use. In many of these project we capitalize on our access to Norwegian health care registries.

Hedvig Nordeng

Professor Hedvig Nordeng, PharmaSafe

The current projects are:

On this webpage, we will post the most recent updates from these studies. Please contact professor Hedvig Nordeng, email: if you are interested in more information about these projects.

Selected citations from women in our studies

"The fact that dad cannot be present during delivery has worried me for a long time. Not being able to be together with my family has been awful. I have at risk family member and I was afraid to infect them, and they have been afraid to be near me because I am pregnant. I hope things calm down soon."

"A few years back I struggled with anxiety. This has flared up again and I have had to seek help from a psychologist."

"I have many concerns about childbirth, afraid of being infected when I’m outdoors. It’s tough not knowing how the disease can affect me and my unborn child. There is little information about COVID-19 for pregnant women."

"My partner was not allowed to accompany me to the midwife or to my specialist check-ups. He has been greatly affected by this. The fact that he might not be able to be present during childbirth puts a great damper to this experience. And we are scared. We fear that it will affect our relationship and our relationship with our baby."

Published Aug. 3, 2020 2:17 PM - Last modified Oct. 26, 2020 11:04 AM